Hello I'm using A7s mark 1 and i've been using a commlite adaptor for my canon ef lenses for a while now, couple of months ago by a chance I used a metabones adapter (not sure what model 1-2-3-4) and the image looked better in terms of rendering the light and especially dealing with flares. I started to rent the metabones adapter more often (still not sure which model - small rental house where i live) and the image looked better but I noticed that in somedays the camera is not turing on! and I need to re connect and connect the adaptor couple of times and than image will appear on the monitor. Now I'm having difficulties to decide, what is the better option should I get a new metabones iv or stick with the old commlite adaptor for now? The bottom line is that I'm in the market for a new adaptor and most likely will stay with canon lenses and sony bodies for the next couple of years, What is the best adapter for me ? budget is not the issue, I just want to have the best image quality and minimum technical issues. cheers :)