I had 10 videographers lined up to shoot my video, some at very competitive prices.
Knowing there’s no 2nd chance to capture the event, I stretched my resources to allow me to use Yarin’s service.

Now, a few days after the event has ended, I know how smart - even critical - this decision was.
It’s easy to record good looking videos, but very hard to capture, on film, someone else’s vision.

The dialogue with Yarin helped me refine what I was after, and once I did - he stepped in to my shoes and an amazing work.
Following my references and adding his dash of creativity and professionalism, as well as on-the-go problem solving led to an incredible 6 minute video.

The post-production and editing phase, usually nerve-wrecking and time pressed, was seamlessly and effectively handled.
Yarin and the team did not stop until we got the movie to where I wanted it to be, but also knew when to draw the line and prevent me from making costly mistakes.

Couldn’t recommend Yarin enough!
— Tal Shmueli, Linkedin